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Poetry – Page 2 – Tina Pocha



When your sister drops your hand and reaches for the other the one who threw spitballs and ate your lunch When she says you may be exaggerating be kind, be fair And you know that “doing the right thing” will… Read More ›


What is the illusion banished by dawn? What is the night, what ethereal darkness, what fears, unsung jackdaws mocking eternal worry a private joke, khee khee khee, shrieking! And moon can only bathe and salve the bleed out, the daily… Read More ›


Not the leaf on the tree Not the glass The plate chippedĀ above the vine The umbilical cord Not the oven or the car British racing green Not the play structure the rope ladder The plum tree sagging to the ground… Read More ›


Baptism It looked exactly as it does in the movies Yellow sun falling back Green cloudy water folding her body in two A trail of tiny bubbles marching to the surface Push off Reach up! she heard the voices say… Read More ›