The Midlife Millennial: Coda

Last week, I posted an article on “The Midlife Millennial”–an homage (or so I intended) to a generation that has been much maligned of late. In the article, I defended the generation as being one of the most idealistic, creative,… Read More ›

The Midlife Millennial

Millennials get a lot of crap. If you believed everything you read, they’re lazy, entitled, beard-growing, ping-pong playing, little snots with their heads in the clouds. This may be true. But it’s just so easy to slam a whole generation… Read More ›

Midlife Hack: Insomnia

This is not a post about recalcitrant chin hairs. Nor is it a post about the middle-aged spread. It’s about something far more urgent, far more important. Insomnia! Now I know my children are probably laughing their heads off going,… Read More ›