Cooking School

From my mother I learned the basics, fundamentals: How to boil an egg. Sew a button onto a sleeve. How to stir porridge five to the right, then seven to the left, runaway specks clinging to the sides, hatched sea turtles, brought gently back home. How to be the hardest working person in the … Continue reading

On Retreat

Last week, I was walking by the river when I came upon a man sitting at a typewriter on a small folding table in front of him, pecking away at who knows what. “Poet for Hire” the sign said. “Pay what you like.” Intrigued, I asked if he would write a poem for me. Sure, he said, what … Continue reading

Scylla & Charybdis

Again I'm called upon to cleave the poppy from the stem the weight, the choice that isn't mine to make, to take, forsake the one breast, for one who Cancer calls, cupidinous a fever creeping shore to sandy shore and I. Must wait. And will you, wont you, busy oars while seasons stretch at … Continue reading

Hall Pass

"One may do anything," Rilke told us daydream, dance, de-vein ourselves like so many shrimp, pink, puffy, parking themselves along the rim of glass highway, hitch-hikers crocking their knees at passing motorists. This is worthy, he tells us. This ambling across the plains of thought and text … Continue reading