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Author Archives

  • On Gifts

    So it’s that time of year when we all have to dip into our creativity (and our wallets) to come up with gifts for our loved ones. No easy task, for sure, especially if your loved ones are also adults… Read More ›

  • Hall Pass

    “One may do anything,” Rilke told us daydream, dance, de-vein ourselves like so many shrimp, pink, puffy, parking themselves along the rim of glass highway, hitch-hikers crocking their knees at passing motorists. This is worthy, he tells us. This ambling… Read More ›

  • Lessons from NaNoWriMo 2017

    Last week, I finished up a month-long challenge to write 1000 words a day. The Impetus–NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. Each November, thousands (millions?) of writers take to the page to try to write and finish a novel (yes,… Read More ›

  • Riyaz: A Daily Practice

    Yesterday, my cousin introduced me to this idea of Riyaz—a daily singing practice that is integral to the vocal preparation of Hindustani music singers. Every morning, singers in the Hindustani tradition wake, prior to dawn, and take their voices through… Read More ›

  • Are You an Empath?

    My brother’s dog is an empath. Well, technically, he’s my sister-in-law’s dog, but for ease of use, we’ll use “brother’s dog.” Last year, I had a particularly acute bout of pain, in the dead of night, when I was staying… Read More ›

  • If Your Mind Took Instructions from You

    . . . would you create stress or bliss? – Sadhguru Wow. Way to bring home a point, Sadhguru, thanks. If my mind took instructions from me today, it would do the following: 1. Hold on to grudges 2. Take… Read More ›

  • Reinventing Thanksgiving

    A couple of weeks ago, my son and I got into it. The bone of contention? Thanksgiving. This has always been my favorite holiday of the year–a time to give thanks and spend time with your loved ones without all… Read More ›

  • Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

    Hi! My name is Tina, and I’m a podcast junkie. Name a topic, and I can probably recommend a few podcasts that you might find interesting. Writing? Self-help? Marketing? Lowcarb/Paleo/Ketogenic Diets? No problem. I know them all. Yes, it is… Read More ›

  • An Inconvenience Truth

    So I’m embarrassed to say that I have not had my hair cut for a whole year.  It now hangs in uneven locks down my back. This, from a trim, chic, Claire Underwood style that would ordinarily make any hairdresser… Read More ›

  • Brave Magic: Three Days With Elizabeth Gilbert and Sheryl Strayed

      Last weekend I spent three days at a retreat center high up in the hills of the Santa Cruz mountains with two of my favorite writers, Liz Gilbert and Sheryl Strayed! Oh yeah, and there were 300 other women… Read More ›