Tina PoJazz

When you lay
your hand
on mine
touch turns
to caress
fingers linger
reluctant to leave

I want to say,
meet my breast,
my lips
come inside
take tea
with me

Rest your length
against mine
knees to thigh
heart to heart
watch the rain outside
wet and green
earth awakened
aroused from
dusty slumber.

Reach inside
the faintest
of touches
deep within
my womb
when you lay
your hand
on mine


Photo Credit: Yvette Frock Gottshall at

Eros has been previous published on Cadence Collective.

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  1. Yes! I love seeing a picture of you reading!

  2. Ah, I love that photo of you reading, very Nina Simone in front of the instruments. My favorite stanza, “Stay,…”

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