It looked exactly
as it does
in the movies
Yellow sun
falling back
Green cloudy water
folding her body
in two
A trail
of tiny bubbles
to the surface
Push off
Reach up!
she heard
the voices say
cold air
on panicked fingers
sweet air
in grateful lungs
A baptism
on the Little Spokane


Extreme Unction

And all she could think was
this is what it feels like
with your loved ones
floating down river
steering their boats
with surprising dexterity
And it was you all the time
it was you
playing ding dong ditch
with death
He smiles this time
shallowing the waters
stilling the moment
shutting the door
behind frightened footsteps
waiting for when it feels
more satisfying
to bring you home


Previously Published in Cadence Collective.


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