How to Be a Woman ~ Caitlin Moran


Feel-good Feminism. That’s right. Caitlin Moran’s collection of essays touches on all the major tropes of feminism–personal freedom, legal and economic equity, sexuality, consent, and more, but it does so without a club or complaint and definitely without apologies! Rather, she uses wit and humor to tell her life story, to tell our life story, and to point a finger at the ridiculousness of institutionalized misogyny and our (hapless?) participation in it.

I was so charmed by her writing style (and, frankly, so busy laughing my head off!) that I forgot how cleverly she was shining a light on so many of the issues that women face these days: body image, social sanction, sexism, etc. I think that’s real talent–to be able to take a topic (such as feminism) seriously without taking oneself seriously. Please read this book–you will not regret it. And if you do, then you don’t know where to find me.

This review comes with 5 stars and a packet of depends. Yes, you will need them.

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