Evolution vs. Revolution

I've heard her say this twice, now: "I'm tired of this word 'reinvention.' It's so overdone. It's not what's going on with me. I'm not starting from scratch. I'm just growing, expanding, evolving. And so she is. And so are we all. Whether we like it or not. And it got me thinking. What does … Continue reading

Artist vs. Maker

I first heard this distinction made when I was listening to┬áKrista Tippet's┬áBecoming Wise. Of course, I don't remember, now, how she was categorizing Artist and Maker (because crappy notes), but I know it caught my attention then, and even now I think, ah yes! There is a resonance there. A … Continue reading

One Space or Two?

I always wondered what it would feel like to know the world has passed me by. The first taste I had of this was in the 90's when Flava Flav came up to the stage at the MTV awards with an alarm clock dangling from his neck. (???) Then there was the time when the rise on jeans halved, and I had … Continue reading

Cup & Saucer

Give from the saucer, not from the cup ~ Christy Whitman I come from a long line of givers. My mother and her sisters. Their mother. And her mother before that. I suspect we could trace the giving-line back through several centuries, maybe even several species of hominid. And we wear this … Continue reading